Meet DeeDee Gee Executive, Professional Singer, Mom...She'll wow you!

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I'm so excited to introduce you to Dee Dee Ricks-Gee a woman who will wow you with her many talents and unending energy and enthusiasm for life.   

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Its High Time you tried High Tea at The Cavalier

Mar 19 2018 0 Likes 0 Comment

If you’re looking to experience a fun afternoon with your girlfriends and want to relax, unwind, laugh, talk, and not feel rushed, it’s high time you experience High Tea 


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The Continued Journey to Wellness & Recharging...Celery Juice

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We all have our battles.  I’ve had a personal health battle for over 20 years with chronic illness

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Blonde Ambition - Going from Platinum to Timeless

Jun 01 2018 0 Likes 2 Comment

I've toyed with many hair colors in my lifetime but I finally feel like I'm on the right wavelength.

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Fashionable Finds for my Summer Season

Jun 01 2018 0 Likes 0 Comment

Welcome to my Summer Upscale and Every Day - Consignment, Vintage, Thrift, and Second Hand “Fashion Find of the Week” Segment

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