The Timelessblonde.com what brought me here?  

Years of sacrifice, self-development, the development of others, goals achieved and missed, money saved and spent, laughter and tears, chronic illness battled and always a battle, traveling far and wide, raising two beautiful young women; Liliana now 17 and Nadia 20, working side-by-side with my husband Charbel of 25 years to build our own very successful Geotechnical Engineering & Materials Testing business, I’m now faced with turning FIFTY (years old not shades of blonde).  What better time than now to engage with successful women around the globe who share my passions and want to learn and grow in our second half of life.  As my daughters and husband have emphasized; Being blonde is great but being timeless is even better.  

EVERY day is a NEW day, a NEW adventure, a NEW chance to make better choices. 

I get asked by lot by women younger and older what the secret to being successful is, how I always have a positive outlook on life and work, and how, despite challenges, I seem to always have a passion for doing whatever it takes to never let it get in the way.  The truth is, it isn’t easy, it takes discipline and an amazing attitude, and a willingness to be open to people and ideas from all walks of life.  The secret is, I'm still willing to learn, grow, listen, and I truly believe in taking the path less traveled by surrounding myself with people who will push me to continue to develop and pursue a better "me" personally and professionally.  You're never too young to start and you're never too old to start bettering your lifestyle.   

In my heart and in my head, I believe that the best is yet to come and I plan on savoring what’s next in life. I hope you’ll join me on my journey as I blog and create online courses on how to live the most amazing life and pursue being your best self in your career, build self-confidence and empowerment, pursue optimum health, wellness, and fitness, enjoy and embrace style and fashion affordably, pursue great beauty habits, look at shopping and cooking and eating as an adventure, develop hobbies that allow you to pursue joy, and invest in traveling effortlessly to meet inspiring people from all over the globe and open your eyes to living your best life.  While I embrace demonstrating how it’s don’t, I can’t do it alone, so I look forward to introducing you to fabulous women who "wow" me with their fulfilled lives and personal and professional pursuits.  After all age is only a number but being timeless is sense of well-being and self-confidence I wish for every woman I know.    

Why the blog, why now, don’t I already have my hands full?

I'm not alone, we women all have our hands full.  It’s taken over 28 years to develop a proven track-record as a dynamic, innovative, results-driven leader and 25 years of working full time to empower those around me to be their best selves including my two daughters Nadia and Liliana and my Husband, Charlie.   The truth is, professional achievements and my roles as wife and mother shouldn’t define me alone. The more women I meet, the more I feel we all fall into the same dynamic of doing so much for others and not enough for ourselves. Why not start something new? Why not share my joys, talents, and personal pursuits with others? And, why not meet new women and spend time sharing and inspiring each other?

It all has to start somewhere...

thetimelessblonde.com blog and will feature dynamic content around my life in Virginia Beach and beyond, balancing my roles as wife, mother, family member, and President/CEO of my own company.  I'll talk about my passions that include; style and fashion, food, wellness, beauty, personal and professional development, and travel.  But this blog isn't about me...I see it as an avenue to connect women from around the globe trying to achieve their goals and dreams and accomplishing amazing things and I’ll do that through training and coaching videos.  Whether it's to learn from one another by introducing you to "Women who Wow" telling their own personal life journey, to spotlighting powerful women from all walks of life who are experts in their fields who are brand builders, mothers, entrepreneurs, authors, in sales, service, and influencers who can help cultivate and inspire and bring out the best in all of us.  I'm so excited for you to join this journey and together we can embrace continued self-development, the development of those around us, conquering the perils of auto immune disease and aging, a continued pursuit of wellness, traveling to new and familiar places, staying on point with style and fashion affordably, growing existing and new friendships, taking time for hobbies and happiness, and a life journey that we can look back on some day and say “WOW”. 


Thank you for being part of this journey!

Always be timeless…Colleen


About The Timeless Blonde, Colleen Nabhan

I was born in Miami, Florida and spent my formative years in the sprawling orange groves of Central Florida. Dundee is a small town located off Route 27 with a stop-light, grocery store, elementary school, volunteer fire department, many lakes and where I grew up with my parents Kathleen and Richard Sorensen, Sister Nancy, Brothers Derek and Nicholas and my beloved dog Tinkerbell who I adopted at the SPCA and named after my favorite Disney Character at the time.

Yes, I’m the oldest which came with perks and pitfalls…Perks, getting to help my mom every afternoon with her ice cream truck route (and help myself to the goods), attend dance classes, sing in the school choir, playing multiple musical instruments, riding horses in the countryside, attending Dundee United Methodist Church and youth group, and flourishing in the local theatre scene. Pitfalls…there weren't many but babysitting three younger siblings did keep me on my toes.  My younger brothers Derek and Nicholas (18 months apart and 9 & 10 years younger than me) liked to play with fire, sharp objects, get behind the wheel of vehicles and put them in drive and almost end up in the lake we lived on, and jump off of tall objects and end up in the emergency room. As for my sister Nancy, who was 6 years younger than me, she was right there with me trying to keep my brothers out of trouble.  To say the least, there was never a dull moment growing up without cell phones and the only rule was to be home before the street lights came on.   

For as long as I can remember I was obsessed with Broadway, the Rockettes, Teen Magazine fashion, singing and dancing, traveling the world with my family, and horses. I think if you asked my family, friends, and my Church group at Dundee United Methodist, I always had a song in my heart, smile on my face, and my feet were always moving.

Before I was old enough to drive and at 15, I was recruited as the youngest member of the Cypress Gardens Waterski team to become an Aquamaid. This came on the heels of failing to secure a spot to perform in the Disney World daily parades at their yearly audition in Orlando. It was my first lesson that sometimes it may seem like you don’t achieve a goal when in fact, you earn a better opportunity.

And then it happened, a relocation to Northern Virginia due to my father’s job change heading into my Junior year in high school. I thought would be the end of the world but it turned out ok. I attended Marshall High School as a junior, found new dance schools and became members of professional dancing troupes, headed out after graduation to attend college at Florida State and George Mason Universities, and became a member of Up with People and sang and danced my way around the world in 1990.

After an extremely influential year traveling, performing, living in host families, and volunteering, I continued my professional entertaining, dancing and modeling for several years. Each week I’d wait for my volume of Variety to arrive in the mail (yes snail mail US Postal Service delivered to an actual postal box). I would call my fellow dancing friends from my land line, we would coordinate train schedules, each go to our train stations to pay tickets in cash and headed to New York City for auditions. We would meet up in different cities on the same train, which took coordinating and timing because we didn’t have cell phones. Somehow, without technology, we managed to make it to our auditions with time to spare. Again, all of this before the internet was even science fiction, cell phones didn’t exist, and I had to count on a sense of adventure, a good map, and moxie to make dreams a reality.

I eventually decided the adventures were great, performing was amazing but I longed for more out of life. I transitioned from a performing career into a professional pursuit out of the spotlight…where the work is done.

I met the man of my dreams Charlie (Charbel) who immigrated (legally) to the US from Lebanon in 1984 to attend West Virginia University to study Civil Engineering. We met at Marie’s Restaurant, dated for almost three years, married, relocated to Virginia Beach and in 1998 and 2000 we welcomed our two daughters Nadia and Liliana into the world. We’ve never looked back, hustling with our own careers, starting a business together, building our dream home from a sketch and an idea, and buying and moving into a new building with our business. When I think about the fact that we had very little in the bank when we got married but we managed to achieve every goal we set for ourselves I can’t help but smile. But better than that, Charlie and I have demonstrated and instilled in our children the value of hard work, faith, loving others, and being humble. I feel extremely blessed to have a loving, talented and smart husband in Charbel and proud to be called myself “mother” by my two dynamic, independent, willful, talented and wickedly smart daughters, Nadia and Liliana.  My time as an influencer to my daughters has now enabled them to fly free and develop into young women experiencing the world with my support.  Professionally I’ve come a long way and am proud of the work put into every aspect of my development (Professional Water Skier and Tap Dancer, General Contractor, General Management, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Business Development, Organizational Development, Multi-Media Publishing and Revenue Expansion, Sales, Performance, and Personal Coach.   I’m a licensed “Class A” General Contractor, RSO Radiation Safety Officer, Certified Nuclear Gauge Officer, Hazmat trained, VDOT Certified Technician, published author, motivational speaker, Virginia Press Association award-winner, Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year winner in 2002, DDI Business System Administrator, Achieve Global PSS Certified trainer, and now President and CEO of Engineering & Testing Services, Inc alongside of lifestyle blogger and influencer at this phase in my life)


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