Welcome to my Upscale and Every Day - Consignment, Vintage, Thrift, and Second Hand “Fashion Find of the Week” Segment.  Each week I’ll add another fun item or items I’ve discovered along my journey with tips on how to approach living your best style life pursuing brands and looks that are fashion forward, unique to my style, yet affordable and accessible online and in person.  If you’ve read this already scroll down to my latest find!

My “Always” when shopping second hand:

  • Know my brands and designers
  • Know round about original pricing for designer items so I don’t over pay. 
  • If consignment, look at the “mark down” date and if you’re willing to take a chance and wait for the lower price, do so. 
  • Look for Craftsmanship and origin of where crafted.
  • Is where I’m shopping trustworthy?  Are they authenticating high end designer purses, belts, wallets, shoes, scarves and do they come with a certificate of authenticity?  Don’t get bullied and don’t believe everything you read online. 
  • Shop around online at other established sites to see if you can find that item and compare prices or if its less expensive elsewhere.
  • Download  the Resale Rewards app on your phone.  A lot of consignment stores use it and you earn reward money to use towards your purchases as you shop.  Who doesn’t like to save money on top of already saving money? 

My go-to certified sites:

  • Worth The Wait – worththewaitusa.com and be sure to add yourself to their VIP list for first choice of designer items that come in on Facebook. Instagram @worththewaitvb and Facebook worth the wait and worth the wait vip.  They ship items to you.
  • Soho Fashion Exchange – you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook @sohofashionexchange they don’t always update their website but they do a great job of comparing original prices to what they are selling for in their store and they have an “upscale” shop as well.  They ship items to you. 
  • 1st Dibs – 1stdibs.com (they also have an app)
  • The Real Real  - therealreal.com

I also look for items on these sites but I always assume items aren’t authentic until proven otherwise

  • Ebay – ebay.com
  • Poshmark – poshmark.com

Featured @thetimelessblonde in April 2018

Yes, I only used ONE PURSE for five years ugh how boring.  My original Tory Burch was a gift from my Husband and it was over $400.00 and I cherished it classy, well made, pebble leather, held up perfectly and went with everything. It held up so well until last month when the logo started tarnishing and a piece of the leather fell out of the T’s.  I just needed to mix things up and have some seasonal and size options so I began my quest to find some up-to-date bags that would stand the test of time.   I’ve purchased almost all of the bags you’re seeing below second hand, consignment, vintage and all were authentic, either new with tags or really close to new, and inexpensive (Bags 1-5 totaled the same price as my original Tory Burch and the Vintage LV was a splurge, and my first LV).  I’m not the only one hopping on this trend have any of you heard of rebag.com and did you know that they now have an upscale handbag resale store in NYC and even the socialites shop there?  If you’re not in the need for high-end its still worth educating yourself on prices when you compare what’s available out there. 

  1. Tory Burch Larger pebble Leather black bag $145.00 (never used) Worth The Wait @worththewaitvb or worththewaitusa.com
  2. White/Cream Boho Bag Marc Jacobs with matching Wallet $125.00 soho fashion exchange @sohofashionexchange
  3. Coach green cross body bag $95.00 @sohofashionexchange
  4. Coach pebble leather chocolate brown medium sized bag $65.00 @worththewaitvb
  5. Kate Spade Gold clutch (fits my cellphone and lipstick perfectly) $25.00 @worththewaitvb
  6. Vintage LV bag $295.00 (I had a $10 reward credit from Resale Rewards taking it down to $285 and it came with an authentication certificate) @worththewaitvb

It may be Spring but these colors were hot on the runway for fall 2018.

One of my favorite second hand spots in Brooklyn and New York City is @Beaconscloset ; They do a great job of offering gently used high end and designer finds for less than you could have ever imagined.  I purchased my first Burberry raincoat from them in 2017 for $65.00 and this year I hit the jackpot with Italian Leather boots top and bottom and this well-made vintage leather jacket made in Korea.  Quality all around and both looks were $35.00 each so a total of $70.00 (who could resist?  Not me)     

Anticipate a trend or see colors that are “blooming” for the upcoming season on the runways, in fashion mags, Pinterist and make note of them.  Pink is popping up all over these days, it was especially big with Beyonce’s “BeyChella” at “Coachella” performance in her second weekend Balmain wardrobe.  I was able to add a splash of pink to my closet with these barely worn “bow”tiful Kate Spade satin open toed pumps and a matching satin belt.  I found both Worth The Wait Upscale Consignment Boutique in Virginia Beach.  $55.00 for the pumps and $16.00 for the belt.  They seriously can elevate a look in a hot pink minute.    Check out the main photo for a peep at the peep toes.



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