We all have our battles.  I’ve had a personal health battle for over 20 years with chronic illness.  I’ve spent time, money, more time, and more money working with traditional and holistic medical practitioners to help me on my quest for wellness and overcoming chronic Lyme disease (not recognized as an actual term by most in the medical community), Hoshimotos Thyroiditis, Fibromyalgia, and now osteoporosis in my spine and hips.  It has been a journey that has changed my life but I won’t let it define me and this year I’ve been more determined than ever to take time for me.  I shared in my earlier blog that this was my year to ReCharge with the help of Julie Montagu and her book “RECHARGE, a year of self-care to focus on you”. 

I started by first acknowledging that I needed to take the time to really care for myself as I began her first chapter.  I’ve been devoting myself to scheduling alone time with my horse, walking, taking time in my infrared sauna to blast my bound fascia with my fascia tools from Ashley Black Guru, and dedicating at least once a month to getting worked on my Colleen Cohen (See the Wow section for her interview) for more work on my taxed and tight fascia.    Additionally, I’ve been dedicated to taking my Plexus supplements full of vitamins and minerals that have my system working for the first time in years including giving up caffeine.  Not an easy undertaking for someone who was always chronically tired.   It took a tremendous amount of courage to launch my blog as the same time as I was going through this journey but with a wing and a prayer the creative outlook as given me another outlet for impacting others, sharing my ongoing journey and hoping to help someone out there who may be having the same struggles. 

I’ll share more about how significant all of those steps have been to me making it through the last 7 weeks when I can, but for now I’ll talk about the importance of the changes I’m making in my diet.  At many points during my years of working with traditional and holistic care providers I’ve turned to the Medical Medium for all of his insights and knowledge about how food can heal the body of its many daily struggles.  Julie talks a lot about this in her book as well because Illness took her family by surprise and her changes were significant in the path to wellness for her husband.  I’ve always been afraid to really give into the changes that needed to be made food wise because I just want to enjoy myself.  Alas, it was time to really make some changes and I started with warm lemon water and celery juice each morning.  I like to approach health changes one step at a time to make sure my body doesn’t get overwhelmed with change and to understand what is impacting me in a positive or negative way. 

From The Medical Medium

“If people knew all the potent healing properties of celery juice, it would be widely hailed as the miraculous superfood.  Celery has an incredible ability to create sweeping improvements for all kinds of health issues.” 

“Celery Juice stands alone as truly the savior when it comes to chronic illness.  I’ve seen thousands of people who suffer from chronic and mystery illness restore their health by drinking 16 ounces of celery juice daily on an empty stomach.  That’s why long ago I started the movement of drinking pure, straight celery juice, and its why I want to be sure people know how to use this potent drink correctly and successfully.” 

Anthony William known as the Medical Medium has become an invaluable resource to doctors and regular people like me who need help solving their health challenges.  My first book by Anthony was “Medical Medium” a comprehensive guide to all types of mystery and modern-day ailments, the root of their existence, and suggested foods and diet to help heal them. 

Since his first book Anthony has published three additional and more specific guides to healing, “Life-Changing Foods”, “Thyroid Healing”, and “Liver Rescue”.

My first step has been to dive into the benefits of Celery Juice and warm Lemon water every morning to jumpstart my journye.  I juice about 6 stalks of celery a day to hit the 16 oz and then warm up water and add a whole lemon to continue my morning purification process.  I was so surprised how much I love the taste of the celery juice and I’ve even gotten my husband to join me each morning in sipping his way to better health as well.

I highly recommend ordering Julie Montagu and Anthony William’s book (s) to begin your quest to better health and purification and as I promised I would, I’ll keep filling you in on my Journey!

Suggested New York Times Best Selling Authors Reading for your journey to better health:


ReCharge “A Year of Self-Care to Focus on You” by Julie Montagu


Medical Medium by Anthony William a foundation to treating the root causes of illness

Life-Changing Foods by Anthony William a guide to the hidden healing power of fruits and vegetables

Thyroid Healing by Anthony William the truth behind Hoshimoto’s, Graves, Epstein Barr

Liver Rescue by Anthony William answers to excema, psoriasis, diabetes etc…


Always be Timeless...and Healthy, Colleen



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