Welcome to my Summer Upscale and Every Day - Consignment, Vintage, Thrift, and Second Hand “Fashion Find of the Week” Segment.  Each week I’ll add another fun item or items I’ve discovered along my journey with tips on how to approach living your best style life pursuing brands and looks that are fashion forward, unique to my style, yet affordable and accessible online and in person.  If you’ve read this already scroll down to my latest find!  (Scroll to the Bottom to find my "always" list for getting the most value for your money)

Look on the Bright Side

Always look on the bright side no matter what, thats my story and I'm sticking to it.  I had to have this top and boy if I wasn't as quick as I was it would have been snatched up right along with the Judith Leiber purse I'm holding ...where do you think I got them?  Worth The Wait of course because they posted them on their VIP page and I reached out immediately.  both pieces were total under $100 and the sandals are 15 years old from Ann Taylor, the skirt is from Target (a great basic piece for my work wardrobe) and my sunglasses Tory Burch.


The PERFECT white Sandals

 I was holding out for the right white sandal to come along and this one hit me but I thought I was too late.  Worth The Wait posted it on their VIP feed on Facebook and I missed it.  Of course I went back to check two weeks later and there they were.  I couldn't believe my fate when they hadn't been snatched up for a whopping $65.00 which is incredible.  These aren't the flat Jack Rogers they have a bit of a heal on them which is perfect.  Hand Crafted leather and such good quality I'll be holding on to these for a long time.  Consignment is Clutch this summer season for me.!


Consignment Catch and Oscar De La Renta are an unlikely combination

This Impeccable woven crop blazer in Navy and white is so lightweight and perfect for my summer work wardrobe.  Its expertly tailored and simply incredible quality.  Since my days can go from meetings to the field I paired it with some casual slacks in Navy with a red stripe from Zara and a simple white t-shirt and of course my favorite Julie Vos Earrings that match EVERYTHING.  Classic well-constructed pieces don't have to cost a fortune and consignment is always a great alternative than the price I would have paid for this brand new.   Make your next catch at a consignment shop too!  Worth the Wait is my favorite and you can now purchase from their website and also subscribe as a VIP on facebook.

Blue Eyes even more Blue


One of my discoveries on a walk in Ghent in Norfolk was a great little shop called Kitsch Virginia.  They have all types of hand crafted artison gifts and art and tucked away in the back of the store was a little vintage section and I found this great Gitano blouse for $15.00 I couldn't resist.  Paring it with white jeans or a white denim skirt this summer was a must to my wardrobe.  In this shot I'm also wearing my favorite splurge for the year a pair of Julie Vos earrings that are gold with a blue stone.  I found them at Worth The Wait and they are stunning.

Yellow, its anything but Mellow

I rarely wear yellow, well never wear yellow actually, but when this beauty popped up on the Worth The Wait VIP post on Facebook I snatched it up before I even tried it on because 1, I knew my size in this designer and 2. It was new with tags that reach $297.00 and it was only $65.00.  What a great choice I made purchasing this Tory Burch intricately designed lace dress.  I paired it with my summer splurge Tory sandals which were on sale at the outlet for $100.00 and these shoes always hold up for multiple seasons and a throw back bag by Isabella Fioni that I found at Secondi, an upscale consignment shop in Washington D.C. about 10 years ago.  This combination will always be timeless so glad I took a chance on adding a big pop of yellow to my summer wardrobe.  

Blue, Green, White, with a pop of floral


I've picked these pieces up on separate visits to Worth The Wait especially since they post their nicer pieces on Facebook and Instagram even if I can't manage a trip in I can purchase an item over the phone or through paypal and they use my reward points.  I just thought this combo would be a nice fit together in the summer, the blouse crisp and green from Talbots $15.00, the skirt from Lilly Pulitzer for $25.00 and the hand painted leather statement bag from Anuschka leather was a steal at $100 (usually retailing for more than $300)  So excited to wear this to work this summer.

Nothing beats a good strapless cotton dress and sandals in the summer at the beach...

This Strapless Lilly Pulitzer dress caught my eye right when I walked in to Worth The Wait VB.  I just loved the color combination because it wasn't too nautical with the splash of turquoise and sage green.  I decided to keep looking around the store and just like that the sandals from Anne Klein were staring me in the face and no one could believe they were a perfect match.  So excited to wear this duo out and about to dinner at the beach.  I spent $45.00 on the combined purchase.  

Go Pink or go Home!  


When I go all-in, I go all-in and I came across all of this pink yumminess at Worth The Wait in Virginia Beach.  They were all a consignment catch at extraordinarily low prices compared to what they would retail for...of course in one visit I had to have all four pieces.  Patent pink pumps from J.Crew matching the chambray blouse also from J. Crew.  The Robert Graham tunic was a real bargain as these blouses can average $125.00 retail.  Lastly life wouldn't be complete with a little Lilly Pulitzer in my closet so this sheer multi-colored Tunic was another great find.  Best of all I had rewards dollars from Resale Rewards so I saved $30.00 on top of the inexpensive prices. 

Ok...Transitioning to Summer with one of my most favorite finds


Everyone needs a great white sneaker for the summer and this one was such a second hand score!  I was browsing at Platos Closet while my daughter was selling some of her things and came across this impeccable pair of white Vans, a summer staple here at the beach.  I have been living in them since the $16.00 pair came home with me, touched up in the washer to make them sparkle.  These retail for $59.00 new.

My “Always” when shopping second hand:

  • Know my brands and designers
  • Know round about original pricing for designer items so I don’t over pay. 
  • If consignment, look at the “mark down” date and if you’re willing to take a chance and wait for the lower price, do so. 
  • Look for Craftsmanship and origin of where crafted.
  • Is where I’m shopping trustworthy?  Are they authenticating high end designer purses, belts, wallets, shoes, scarves and do they come with a certificate of authenticity?  Don’t get bullied and don’t believe everything you read online. 
  • Shop around online at other established sites to see if you can find that item and compare prices or if its less expensive elsewhere.
  • Download  the Resale Rewards app on your phone.  A lot of consignment stores use it and you earn reward money to use towards your purchases as you shop.  Who doesn’t like to save money on top of already saving money? 

My go-to certified sites:

  • Worth The Wait – worththewaitusa.com and be sure to add yourself to their VIP list for first choice of designer items that come in on Facebook. Instagram @worththewaitvb and Facebook worth the wait and worth the wait vip.  They ship items to you.
  • Soho Fashion Exchange – you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook @sohofashionexchange they don’t always update their website but they do a great job of comparing original prices to what they are selling for in their store and they have an “upscale” shop as well.  They ship items to you. 
  • 1st Dibs – 1stdibs.com (they also have an app)
  • The Real Real  - therealreal.com

I also look for items on these sites but I always assume items aren’t authentic until proven otherwise

  • Ebay – ebay.com
  • Poshmark – poshmark.com



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