Blonde Ambition…Going from Platinum to Timeless

Transition Update from May...Chop Chop Chop 


I’ve toyed with many hair colors throughout my lifetime and I really thought for many years that Platinum was the way to go…boy was I wrong, it was making me look older.  The moment I walked into a new salon for my daughters Brazilian Blowout and Adam took one look at me and said “Are you happy with your hair?”  It kind of hit me that I’d gone a bit too far and after some convincing from my daughter, Liliana I was in the next week for a consult.  I was so nervous as the words “darker roots, slowly transition over four months, I’ll blend it and it will look great, trust me” kept spilling out of his mouth.  I even got a little sassy because I’m such a visual learner that I really wasn’t getting the concept.   Adam re-assured me, and then sent me on my way with homework to bring in pictures of what I thought he meant my hair should look like.  Adam, who named his signature salon after his mother, Ava Marie, and who’s twin sister Amanda is his right hand, scheduled a large block of time to work on my new look a week out and I was out the door with homework to do.   As I headed out to my car I couldn’t help but notice the sign outside the door…how could I go wrong? 


Did you know that in the state of Virginia there are no requirements for advanced training and continued education?  It’s up to individual hairdressers and salons to initiate their own training and expertise.  Next time you’re in the salon chair ask some questions about advanced conferences and training your hair colorist and stylist is attending.  You could be missing out on being even more fabulous than you already are.  I sure was.


I hate giving up control, but my big day was here and I shuffled into the beautiful salon, put on my cape, and showed Adam the photos.  We were both on the same page.  It was time.  Adam began working his magic.  Ava Marie Salon uses Davines (pronounced da-ve-ness) hair coloring products.  I encourage you to learn more about them at davines.com.  The color itself is practically ammonia free and my scalp didn’t burn for the first time in a long time.  “Davines works with the non-profit Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus joining its Presidia project.  There are 400 slow food presidia worldwide, which technically and financially support more than 10,000 small producers so that they can continue growing indigenous plants thus preventing the disappearance of genetic heritage that has an inestimable biological value.  The purpose is to support local agricultural economies and prevent the extinction of artisanal traditions.”  



Three hours later and my initial transformation was complete, including a new cut.  I was so happy.  After purchasing my Love/Smoothing Essential Haircare products from Davines I darted home.  Liliana almost screamed because she thought I was someone randomly walking into the house and my husband was shocked at the new look.  I spent the next few weeks slowly surprising everyone with my new do and it was met with tons of praise and excitement and the sharing of Adam’s contact information. 


I’m so happy with how my hair is transforming with the Essential Haircare products completely bringing health back to my locks, I was astounded.  I’m preparing for my 4th visit in December but what a joy it has been watching the transformation take hold and Adams vision for my new look coming to life.  I actually feel like a new person.  If I can take a leap of faith, so can you!  There’s no better time to start fresh than the new year…what do you have to lose, make a change with your hair too. 

My looks after visit number two


Visit number three


Visit Number 4


This new blonde continues to have lots of ambition.  I'm on a six week rotation in the salon and everytime I head in we cut more of the damaged old blonde out to allow for re-growth of healthier hair.  By this summer I should be back to my longer length and blonder look with a whole new outlook.  Thank you Adam and the Ava Marie team for always making me feel so special when I’m in the salon.  I’m so thrilled with my hair again.  I promise to keep sharing all of the great work Adam will continue to do on my hair so keep checking back.


To learn more about Adam and his team at Ava Marie Salon in La Promenade in Virginia Beach visit; https://avamariesalonandspa.wordpress.com/

To learn more about Davines Essential Haircare visit www.davines.com




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